So damn hard to open and unlock, what's the fukn trick? For real tho, I'm always dislocating my ribs trying to open my mom's kitchen window

    thumb Barbara D.

      Aaron helped me choosing a main entry lock  set that is  beautiful, stylish and functional. We also bought all the hardware for our new house . Aaron is very knowledgeable and patient. Best prices around and better that online popular sites.

    thumb Bonita B.

      Absolute garbage. Take your business elsewhere... Don't expect calls to be returned or to receive any type of service or quality. Doesn't know how to install a window and lowers cost by not doing things properly.

    thumb Samantha K.

      My wife has called and emailed this place consistently for over a week, always getting the "we'll call you back" answer.  A total of 4 attempts to get in touch with someone there who could help us out with a shattered pocket door that we need replaced.

    She could never get hold of anyone who actually does work there. On the final call, my wife asked if she should take our business elsewhere and the woman said yes!!!

    No matter how good the guys who run this business are, they won't survive if they let such utter incompetence run the scheduling and contact side of the business. I'm thinking about starting a glass and door company next door called "Elsewhere."

    thumb Joe B.

      The biggest waste of money spent on some doors we couldn't close properly after being misinformed by the company.
    After trying to rectify the problem by asking the company to help take some responsibility so we could have some working doors. Their response was to either charge more to add some holes or buy them back at half price!  As we'd already paid $1600 for 2 doors we felt this was a little insulting. All we wanted was some working exterior doors we could close at this price but the company was unwilling to help us solve unless they could charge more. It would seem an odd way to run a business as it just makes good sense to have happy customers who can spread the love but alas thats not the premise here!  In the end we had to buy new doors from a more reputable business who went out of their way to help. We re-ordered the doors with them at half the price and no issues!

    thumb J F.

      From the first time I called David at Imperial Windows I had a great feeling about the company. Last year I met with David, he was very patient and helpful , he helped me with the different options of the windows and the patio doors and also helped me with picking the correct design and the size for my House . I am about to start the second phase of the construction of the face of the house and I am sure he will help me greatly with this order also.
    I am extremely happy with Imperial windows and will recommend them to everyone.

    thumb Ron F.

      Just redid my windows. Purchased the window from Jack and they also installed the windows for me. Competitive pricing on Windows and doors in Los Angeles. Sadly now I need to repair a door. Guess I'll call them for that too.

    thumb James B.

      I am a General Contractor. I use Imperial for all my door and window needs. They are price competitive and professional. They don't simply just supply you with a product, they provide a full service. David is extremely knowledgeable and helps me select the best product for the specific application on every job.

    Simply the best!

    thumb Etai H.

      David was very nice to work with.  Very competitive pricing (No install, just supply). We will be calling them again.

    thumb Brad J.

      I've been a customer of imperial windows and doors for several years, i have ordered a large number of windows and doors from them in that time. David is very knowledgeable he has always done me right on all my orders. These guys have access to all the brands with excellent pricing.

    thumb Ryan H.

      We've used Imperial twice now for both interior and exterior doors and have had a great experience each time. Jack and Eileen are incredibly kind and helpful, they've found exactly what we were looking for in a matter of moments. Their prices have been the lowest as well. We wouldn't hesitate to use them again and again. Can't recommend them highly enough.

    thumb Jess B.

      Imperial Windows & Doors is a pleasure to work with.   I have been working with David for a few years now and he is always so helpful and knowledgeable.  Their pricing is competitive which is fantastic but most of all I appreciate the fantastic service.  I would absolutely recommend working with Imperial Windows & Doors for your next home improvement project!

    thumb Rebecca D.

      I have being working with David for a long time.  Imperial Windows, has very good pricing, and excellent service.  They are my one stop shop for windows and doors.

    thumb Robin H.

      Great service with very fair prices. Jack helped me with all kinds of design advice as well. I highly recommend!

    thumb Kevin M.

      OMG!!! I AM SO IMPRESSED! IMPERIAL WINDOWS AND DOORS !!! They take the stereo type of the people in  the industry and completely flip it 180 degrees. David is my sales rep and he was truly amazing. He walked my husband and I through the process of searching for the most perfect collection for our NEWLY acquired home in Los Angeles.

    He showed me the difference between the "NAMED BRAND" items that are terribly marked up VS the other items that were literally the exact same quality but for less than half the price and left the dec completely up to us. After doing some private research I discovered that David would have made more money on us if he would have promoted the "named brand" items and pushed us to buy those. I've yet to meet someone as honest as this guy when it comes to the sale of such a marked up product.

    I'm comfortable enough, now that everything is all set and done, to refer this company to anyone looking to get windows and/or doors for their home. I have so many friends in the construction industry that would love to meet someone honest and diligent in their profession.

    I am shocked at how amazing this company is and I am sold for the rest of my life on their services.

    Thanks David and thank you Imperial Windows And Doors!!! You guys are the best in Culver City... no in Los Angeles!! NOO IN CALIFORNIA!!!

    we used to live in NORCAL so I've been up and down the coast more than once doing business with tons of people and these guys are really on it.

    Thanks again guys! 🙂

    thumb Rachel A.